The Flat Saga Rumbles On

I had a very pleasant surprise when I ripped up the flooring in the hallway and living room. It was this manky engineered wood stuff – some of it can look good, I know, I have it in the bedroom, but this was crappy – and I was expecting to just find sheets of plywood underneath, like when I pulled up the carpet in the bedroom. 

The bedroom’s engineered wood floor, which is in fact quite nice.

Instead I found original floorboards! How exciting.

I suppose strictly I don’t know if they’re the original ones or not, but since very little seems to have been done to this flat since it was born I wouldn’t be surprised.

Currently therefore the living room floor looks like this.

Because when I realised there were salvageable floorboards underneath, I decided I didn’t want to mess them up, so I’m going to finish stripping the walls before I continue tearing up the floor.

As you can see, there’s a marked difference in the state of the living room and hallway floorboards, I’m not sure why. Perhaps one set is older? Or one’s been varnished? I don’t know what I’m doing, but if you know about floorboards, feel free to educate me.

Now the list of stuff to do on the flat is a little bit shorter than it was a few weeks ago. And I’ve put it into Omnifocus, which will hopefully send me notifications at the weekend and be like “GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND RIP THINGS OFF THE WALLS.” Because that’s a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday.

Yes, that arrow in the bottom right of the page does mean there’s more to do over the page. But this page will keep me going for a while, I should think.

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