Little Details You Never Knew About Me

Aaaages ago Becca wrote a post called ‘Tiny Insignificant Details You Don’t Know About Me‘ and I thought it was fascinating.

I love the minutiae of people’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about the big stuff too – I am a psychologist, after all – but the tiny details of the day-to-day are so interesting. They provide a glimpse into what life might actually be like for the person you’re reading about. 

So here are some little life details that probably won’t come up when I’m writing other posts, which you otherwise wouldn’t know about me.

When I’m ill (like flu ill, not like dying ill) I get really specific food cravings. My whole life right up until I was about 21, I craved Wotsits (the UK version of Cheetos) and chocolate gateau whenever I was ill. I don’t like either of these foods most of the time. At 21 it shifted to become those Muller yoghurt corners – the ones with the little vanilla and chocolate balls. Now if I crave those, I know I’m coming down with something.

On average, I think about spiders 125 times a day.

Long walks are my way of processing my emotions. When I’ve had bad news, or when something awful has happened, or if I’m just really sad for some reason, a long walk is the way I deal with it. Usually I don’t even think about whatever it is that’s made me sad while I’m walking: there’s just something about the process that exorcises it. In order to work properly, the walk has to be at least ten miles long.

I didn’t have a passport until I was 25.

When I was a child, I thought I was a fox.

There are lots of foods I find kind of disgusting most of the time, but then occasionally I’ll get a really strong craving for them. Examples include vine leaves, sundried tomatoes, and tomato soup.

My hip bones are on back to front, and my left hip isn’t fully attached to the rest of my leg.

The only book that has made me cry so much that I needed to go and find tissues and continue reading with them next to me is The Mathematical Experience by Davis & Hersh. The bit that set me off was the beautiful description of the Pythagorean Theorem. Yes, I am very cool.

I’d never been on any kind of holiday until I was 22.

My first holiday location

You know how a lot of women crave chocolate when they’re on their period? I crave salmon and shellfish. Like, DESPERATELY crave it. Like, standing in the supermarket crying because I can’t find it, crave it. Like, if it’s nowhere to be found and I therefore can’t have it, my body gets so nauseous that I end up throwing up for two days, crave it.

I always put my left shoe on before my right shoe.

I cannot stand beer. If I take a sip of it, it makes me throw up. I hate the smell too. Mainly for this reason, I also dislike most pubs.

Under all the dye, my hair is actually blonde.

Tell me some details about yourself! In fact I’m going to tag a few people, but if I don’t tag you please also write your own post and share it with me.

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