Whoops I just ordered fifteen metres of books

…and now I have to find space for them.

A university is giving away part of its philosophy library, and I am taking it. 

The email I received a few days ago said this:

and of course I was like “Yeah sure I’m fine with that, just let me know when you’ve boxed them up and I’ll get someone to come collect them” and now I have to work out how to fit fifteen metres of shelving into my London flat.

So here are some of my ideas.

I am so very tempted to just pile ’em all up any old how and have a crooked eclectic mix of random literature everywhere.

(c) August Brill on Flickr

If I piled them all in front of the windows then it’d look amazing from the outside as well as the inside. However it would also block all the light, which isn’t much of a problem for me and my vampiric sunlight-hating tendencies, but it would make my monstrous tomatoes unhappy.

If I built a load of book-holding-areas out of crates, I could then put the rest of the furniture on top of them, thus creating a kind of dual-layered flat. My living room’s tall enough to do this, I think, and so are the hallway, kitchen and bathroom (the latter of which wouldn’t be advisable, though). However, the bedroom ceiling is a normal height so it probably wouldn’t be possible. Also I imagine all the climbing up and down ladders to get to my furniture would piss me off.

I could, of course, just line every wall with books. Not only would this mean I’d have space for the contents of the philosophy library, it also means I wouldn’t have to paint the rooms. It would, however, mean I’d have to pay someone to build bookcases into the walls, which would probably be more expensive than painting them.

I already have a wall of books in the bedroom, although currently it’s just a load of IKEA bookcases standing next to each other. The plan was to get this remade into a proper wall of books, probably by Neville Johnson who keep putting brochures through my door.

The most likely scenario is a combination of several of the above: some built-in bookshelves, some bookshelves under other things, some piles of books in places where there aren’t any bookshelves, probably holding plant pots and lamps and whatever.

Of course the most sensible course of action would be to say I can’t take all fifteen metres of books, but my sensible button seems to switch to the off position wherever books are concerned. I’m not sure I’ve ever refused a book. In any case it’ll be interesting to see how it affects my decorating plans.


  1. Wow! Ordering 15 meters of books and not knowing what to do with them. That makes my tbr pile look small. I solemnly swear I will never complain about my unread books as long as I have shelf space. *looks the other way and orders 147 new books* Have a great day!

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