Fishbox Is Amazing And You Need It In Your Life

I crave fish like other women crave chocolate. By which I mean at a certain point in the month, my body starts craving fish to an inhumane degree. Like, I’ll stand in the supermarket almost crying because I can’t find any salmon in the fridges.

If I can’t get hold of any fish for some reason, I get so nauseous that I end up throwing up for a couple of days. Evidently there’s something in fish that my body desperately needs. Despite trying all the obvious things, I’ve never managed to work out precisely what it is that my body requires from fish. I’ve just learned to go along with its demands.

In recent months this process has become much easier, thanks to Fishbox. 

Requisite disclaimer: Fishbox didn’t ask me to write this post. I can’t remember how I found out about them, but it was probably through Coast magazine. I just love them, so I thought I’d recommend them to you too. 

Fishbox was set up in 2011 when Magnus Houston became frustrated that so much off-season fish was being shipped all around the world. Instead he wanted to set up a local, sustainable fishing business with minimal waste. And so Fishbox was born.

They’re based off the coast of Scotland – right where I’d like to move one day – but they’ll ship your fish anywhere in the UK. I, for example, live in West London (in case you hadn’t noticed that already) and my fishboxes arrive safe and happy.

The fish arrives in a polystyrene box, packed in between some dry ice, which keeps it fresh and cold for you and means it’s OK if you’re not home when it arrives.

You can decide which size of fishbox to go for: I do the smallest one, which is £25 per month. The boxes are very generous: I easily have enough fish for a month (assuming I eat it once or twice a week, or have a whole week of binging fish which is more my style). Then again I live alone and don’t eat proper meals very often, so you might want to go for a larger option.

If you’re not sure which size of fishbox would suit you, there’s a handy guide on the website.

They arrive with little recipe cards and sometimes a note or a picture of the person who packed your fish.

On the website you can choose which types of fish you love, like or dislike. I ticked ‘Like’ for most of them initially, because there were many things I hadn’t yet tried, and gradually my tastes are refining into a profile.

I’ve made loads of fish dishes since starting my Fishbox account, but these are a couple of my favourites.

Haddock (I think? can’t actually remember) with lemon & thyme, served on spinach. 

I also did some mushrooms in a white wine, onion & thyme sauce to go with it.


Current favourite brunch food: peppered mackerel fillet drizzled with balsamic, with spinach & eggs on toast. 


Writing this post is making me hungry, so I might go and whip up something from my latest Fishbox. I’m planning salmon cooked in lemon pepper, white wine and cherry tomatoes, with squid ink linguine. I’m already happy and I haven’t even made it yet.

Update: I made it. It was good.

So yeah, I recommend Fishbox. Go sign up on their site, and let me know what you make!

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