What do you dream of doing one day?

The other day I went to visit the Franklin G. Burroughs art museum in Myrtle Beach. It was fantastic – they have a brilliant exhibition at the moment called The Water’s Fine which features works of art relating to water. Most are about the ocean, which feels appropriate for a museum that’s next to the sea.

I loved some of the art so much that I’m seriously considering emailing them to ask how much it’d cost to buy it and ship it to England. A lot, though, I’d imagine. 

Photograph by Carl Kerridge, an English artist living in the US
Oil on linen by UCLA grad Matt Story

But I’m not here to talk about the artwork, even though it’s great and I think you should go see it if you’re in Myrtle Beach.

I’m here to talk about the kids.

As well as being a gallery and housing a small art library, the museum has a studio where people can go to work. It also runs events for kids, and at the moment it’s displaying postcards they’ve decorated in response to the question What Do You Dream Of Doing One Day? 

I loved their responses.

They’re all pinned up along this big board, which runs between the art studio and the water exhibition.

This kid has a backup dream in case their initial dream doesn’t work out. Sensible.

“My first dream is to be a chef. My second dream is to be a marine biologist and see a narwhal.” 

Some dreams were sweet…

“I want to make a difference in the world, and touch hearts.”

Some dreams were mildly amusing…

“Makin’ stacks.”

Some dreams were linked to other people’s dreams…

“Make a robot!” – Rosie
“I want to help Rosie make her robot!!” – someone else 

And some were just a little… um… scary? This kid, for example, seems to want to be some kind of mountain monster.

There were so many answers, and all of them made me smile for different reasons. When I was a kid I wanted three things: a flat, a cat, and a Fiat. I’ve had two out of three, but no car yet, so I’m currently taking driving lessons just to satisfy child scar. As well as those things, I wanted to run an animal sanctuary, until I found out how much work that involved; and I wanted to do research in psychology, which is one of my current jobs, so I think I’m doing OK.

What did you dream of doing or being when you were a kid?


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