Wednesday Wanderings: The Thames Path

I love London. I always thought I hated it, because it’s a city and I think of myself as predominantly a country person, but I love it. The anonymity, the melting-pot of cultures, the way my little corner of it feels like a community but also most people mind their own business.

I love that it’s a very walkable city, and few areas are more appealing to walk around than the Thames Path. 

The gateways into the beautiful gardens lining the river.

The houses covered in plants, from which you can hear the sound of someone playing the piano and singing opera as you wander past.

The shell of Pisarro’s, a restaurant that’s been closed down but which the community is trying to save (and which I think would make an excellent venue to shoot a music video).

The benches surrounded by plants and wildflowers, which you can sit on and pretend you’re in the countryside.

The willow trees whose weeping boughs caress the paths and skim the river.

The local community has recently saved one of these, as well.

The far too subtle signs when you reach what seems like a dead end.

The characterful old houses on the parts of the walk where you have to come inland for a while.

The bobbing rowboats and their anatine captains.

The pubs which can say with no exaggeration that their outdoor seating is “on the river”.

And, of course, the river itself.

What are your favourite parts of London? Have you walked the Thames Path?

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