Help Me Please I Need Your Tips

I’m cheating a bit with this post, because rather than giving you tips, I’m asking for them.


How the hell do you renovate your home when you travel a lot for work? I’m currently away about once a month, generally for roughly a week at a time, so I suppose I am home most of the time.

But travelling, whilst fun, sets me back so much that I wonder if it’s ultimately worth it. At the moment I don’t have much of a choice, because I’ve been looking for someone to do some of the travelling for me but so far haven’t found anybody suitable. And it’s not like I can easily hand over management of renovations to my plant sitter for a week.

Trust me, the tomato jungle is enough to be looking after

So what should I do?

Should I book out a week before I leave and make sure I get as much as possible done then? But usually those weeks are taken up with doing as much work as possible so I don’t have to stress too much while I’m travelling. Should I do it the week I come back? But I’m usually so jetlagged. Should I do it the one other week in the month – the one that’s neither directly before or directly after travelling? Maybe.

Should I just find a way to stop travelling so much? Probably.

What do you do when you have renovation plans but you know you need to travel? Please send me tips!

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