Rigby & Peller London, aka The Bra Fairies

Years ago my friend told me about “the queen’s bra fitters” and how they do free fittings and we had to go. I was like, yeah sure, but they’ll be posh scary people and they’ll judge me for my old manky bras and my size. But eventually the old manky bras got to the point where there was only one of them left, and it was pretty dead, and I desperately needed a new one. The last time I’d been fitted was when I was an anorexic teenager, and now I’m an overweight adult, so I knew the size would have changed dramatically but I had no idea what my new one might be.

Off we went to Rigby & Peller, bolstered by the news that they’d lost their royal warrant for writing a book in which they gave away a bit too much information about the queen’s boobs, so they must be a little bit rebellious. 

We turned up at the utterly beautiful shop, me in my manky old bra and my friend in one that was much less embarrassing.

The manky old bra in question

As you can see from the picture, not only was Manky Old Bra manky and old, it was also falling apart. By the time I went to see the Bra Fairies, MOB was hanging on by a single fastener.

(Never did I imagine I’d be posting a picture of my manky old bra on the blog, but here we are.)

We sat in the opulent waiting room – complete with free macaroons – for a few minutes until we were assigned our bra fairies. Mine was lovely, genuine and really put me at ease. They do most of the measuring without touching you at all – they just look at you and size up your boobs in their minds. Then they show you how to put a bra on properly and settle your boobs into it, and for that there is a little bit of boob handling, but they are very nice about it.

My bra fairy was very patient when I was being fussy: no lace, no frills, nothing see-through; as basic and as dark a bra as I could get. In the end we found two I liked, and I bought them both. At the till they had little bottles of bra detergent, which I also bought. We went to the shop in December, I think, and it’s still going strong, so definitely good value for money.

As for the bras themselves: a few months down the line, the one I didn’t like quite so much in the shop is now my favourite. The other one’s underwiring has started to poke me in the side, but I think that’s because I’ve put on a few pounds since I had my bra fitting. Hopefully when I lose those pounds again the poking will stop. I’ll let you know.

The presentation is, of course, impeccable. I love the bag and the little card thingy.

I went in fully intending to buy two bras, and that was what I bought, but I didn’t feel pressured to make a purchase at all. I think they would have been fine with me just going for a fitting, but since their service was excellent and the bras comfortable I decided to buy a couple while I was there. I’m thinking about going back for a sports bra.

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