How Do You Fit It All In? #11

The latest instalment in a series in which I answer the ongoing question “How do you fit it all in?”, which people ask me when I tell them what I do.


I got up at 8.30am, feeling rested after a weekend spent in bed in my pyjamas, and started work. At 9.30pm I finished work, looked at the clock and thought, Shit did I just work a thirteen-hour day? 

This is very representative of how my life tends to go: two days in bed doing sweet FA, then a day of absolute flat-out working, then two days of not very much… etc.

Monday was also stupidly hot. Unfortunately, so are all the other days this week so far (I’m writing this on Wednesday, because I’m behind with everything).

When I finished work I went straight back to bed and slept through until Tuesday morning.


Woke up, got up, started work. I worked on client stuff until about midday, then clocked off, had lunch and went to my weekly appointment. In the afternoon I went to do some business-related stuff at the bank, then came home. I’d wanted to go to the garden centre for a smoothie but I was going out in the evening… or so I thought.

Turned out I’d got the month wrong, and I’m actually going to a book party on the 26th of July. This meant my evening was wide open, so I headed over to my friend’s roof terrace and sat there with her and one other friend, catching up on life and watching the sun go down.


Woke up, got up, did a bit of work. Had my driving theory test at 11am and passed – yay! – then had a driving lesson, which was terrifying but a bit less terrifying than previous ones, so perhaps progress is gradually being made.

I got home at quarter to five and spent some time queueing up blog posts, which is normally something I do on Sundays but I’d taken the previous weekend off so hadn’t done it. Shortly after that the BFF showed up and we adjourned to the park with gelato and wine.

This was quite a nice wine too – I picked it up because the bottle was pretty, but sometimes that pays off. £12.99 in my local off-license, it’s by Whispering Angel, who do some pretty good rosés.


When I woke up it felt like Saturday. I started working anyway because my calendar told me it wasn’t, and then by the time it was about 11am I felt like it was Wednesday. Maybe because I’m doing several days’ worth of work in one at the moment.

By the middle of the morning I was having withdrawal symptoms from my favourite café, which I hadn’t seen much recently due to being away. I usually sit there with a notebook, but I remembered they have wifi, so I headed down there with my laptop and worked in the sun, topping up my tan whilst decreasing the number of items on my to-do list.

By 4pm I was done, so I came home and pottered about for a bit and took a quick trip to the pool, then went to Kennington to see Naked With Burger Or Man, a new play that was absolutely fantastic.

It finished at 10ish, and then my friend and I went for a drink in the bar, and then we got chucked out at closing time because the hours always fly by when we’re together. I arrived home at 1am and went straight to bed.


I woke up and went swimming. That’s my favourite way to start the day, but it hasn’t been happening much lately because the left side of my body isn’t really playing ball at the moment. However when I woke up it felt OK, so I decided to chance it, and it turned out to be OK.

When I got home I chopped and roasted some vegetables, then sat down to work. My office is currently located in my kitchen, which is quite handy for cooking because it means I can keep an eye on things while I work.

In the middle of the afternoon I clocked off for a bit to go to an appointment, then had lunch at the garden centre. I got home in the evening and went to a core class at the gym, which surprisingly didn’t kill me. When I got back after that I went straight to bed, because that shit’s exhausting.


I spent the morning sorting through notes for a potential new academic project and printing related stuff off at the library. Then I headed over to Hackney to meet a friend for lunch.

I thought it’d be a normal day, but I ended up bringing home a lost dog who is currently still with me. Maybe she’ll stay forever, who knows?


Saturday’s surprise dog meant that Sunday’s plans became a little more complex. I was heading down to Wales for some research discussions, and had to leave at 10am. I dropped Accidental Dog off with my friend and went to the station.

The train was cancelled, so I waited for the next one, which was an hour later. We all got on, then the doors broke so we were delayed for another half an hour. We made it as far as Bristol, where there was a replacement bus to Newport. The bus had no air con. I am not good at heat.

The train from Newport was also delayed, but finally I arrived in Cardiff, several hours late and way too hot. I checked in to my hotel, dumped my stuff in my room, and went to meet one of the academics for a coffee. She gave me a tour of Cardiff, which seems like a cool city, and then we had a glass of wine and wandered along the bay, which is postcard-pretty.

When she dropped me off at the hotel I swam for a bit, then had dinner and did some last-minute preparation for the following day’s meeting. Then I went to bed.

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