I thought I knew what colour I wanted for my living room. If you scroll through my Flatspiration board on Pinterest, you will see lots of deep greeny-blue hues. 

This is the kind of colour scheme I’m going for:

Now that I’m nearly at the painting stage, however, I am realising just how many deep greeny-blue shades there are, and how difficult it is to pick the right one.

The first one I picked up was from Farrow & Ball, and it’s the big splodge on the left in the picture below.

It looks perfect there, but on the wall it’s not quite right.

So then some samples arrived from Little Greene.

One was too dark, the other too light.

Dulux’s Teal options were very similar to one another, and neither was quite what I was looking for.

Here they all are next to one of the columns, which are an important part of the room.

The paint needs to not match the columns exactly, because I want the columns to stand out in contrast. The paint should be darker than the columns… but how much darker? I’m not sure the Farrow & Ball option has the depth of colour I want.

So I went back to B&Q in Gunnersbury, where I am becoming something of a regular customer, and picked up even more paint samples.

Hnnngggg, still not quite right. The blues aren’t green enough, and the greens are too green.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my favourite shade might be the one I’ve ordered from Abigail Ahern, who gave me the inspiration for the dark room in the first place, but it’s taking so long for the sample to arrive that I don’t want to wait for the actual paint.

What I really love is this, which is Ahern’s living room:

…but apparently it’s black, SO WHY DOES IT LOOK BLUEY-GREEN?

Sorry. Must stop yelling at paints.

It’s frustrating though. The flat has been in disarray for about a year and a half now, and I am desperate for it to be finished, but I am also desperate for it to be beautiful, and if I paint it all one colour and then the Ahern sample arrives and it is perfection, then I will be disappointed and also annoyed with myself for being impatient. But I’ve received an email from Ahern’s company, apologising for the delay but with no predicted delivery date, and I don’t want to wait around forever.

Sooo, what to do? I have one final trick up my sleeve: today I’m going to take a picture frame to B&Q and ask them to mix the paint colour from it. If that works we’ll be golden, because it’s pretty much exactly the colour I want.

It’s a big if, though. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: B&Q couldn’t mix the picture frame colour, and Ahern’s sample was too light. Onwards…
FURTHER UPDATE: I have found it! The perfect shade! Deep Water from Valspar.

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