How Do You Fit It All In? #17

The latest instalment in a series in which I answer the ongoing question “How do you fit it all in?”, which people ask me when I tell them what I do.

The week began with Ali the Floor Guy ringing the doorbell. He’s been here this week restoring the beautiful old floorboards I found when I pulled up the manky fake stuff.

This was after the first bit of sanding:

I am looking forward to it being finished.

While he toiled away in the living room in 32 degree heat (I do not envy the various builders who are in my house at the moment) I was in the kitchen working much more sedately on my computer. I queued up a load of blog posts for here, had a call with one of my clients, and sorted out some business admin. It was one of those days where I did a lot of work but felt like I didn’t have much to show for it.

On Tuesday Ali finished the floor and I barely got anything done. I was barricaded inside my kitchen all day because he’d moved the piano and all remaining living room furniture into the hallway while he worked on the living room floor, and I was not able to leave the room. I’d thought this might be a good thing and that maybe it’d mean I’d have a very productive day, but nooo. I spent most of it on Pinterest, staring at pictures of how I might want the flat to look when it’s done.

Wednesday was a busy one: I worked all morning and then was out all afternoon at appointments and driving lessons. In the evening I went back to B&Q in Gunnersbury and I think I might have finally found the right colour of paint.

It’s Deep Water by Valspar, if you want to try it.

Thursday was a very productive day, at the beginning and end. In the middle it went like this:

But then I wrote the articles and did the things, and afterwards I went to my first ever West4Women meeting. It’s a local community network that was set up 35 years ago as a working mothers’ group and has since evolved to be a group for working women generally. It’s always a bit scary going to a new place and meeting people for the first time, but they were a warm, welcoming group of women and it was a very pleasant evening, so I think I’m sold on becoming a full-fledged member.

Friday was supposed to be another builder day, but he cancelled. He was very apologetic about it, but he didn’t need to be because it meant I could finally have a lie-in. I finished work early and went to an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, which was… interesting. Part of it was excellent, part of it was weird but still interesting, and the other part was just odd. This is it; I went because I wanted to see the underwater one, which was good. I wanted to buy some of the pictures as postcards or something, but they weren’t available. These would have gone so well in my living room:

I spent Saturday in bed reading books and bingeing La Forêt on Netflix. It’s really good! Nice creepy dark French crime drama with a beautiful opening title.

On Sunday I took some of the Expats In London Facebook group on a walk along the Thames Path, which was fun. We walked down to a pub on the Chiswick / Kew border and had sweet potato fries, which energised us for the bus journey home. It was cloudy and it rained for the first half of the walk, but we were all game for keeping going anyway, which made me happy.

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