Restoring A Bay Window

When I moved in to my flat, it was a mess. It remained pretty messed up for quite some time while I got my act together and saved enough money to start renovating properly.

Recently I have been working on the living room; and when I say ‘I’, I mean it’s mainly been other people. One of them is a very good builder / plasterer / general useful person who among other things has been restoring the bay window. 

You may remember the window from the ‘How To Remove Internal Glazing’ post. Whoever lived here before me had installed a second set of windows, instead of making the panes within the bay window double glazed, and they’d gradually built up a disgusting collection of dead insects and humidity.

I removed the interior glazing myself, something I wouldn’t recommend unless you enjoy having spiders drop on your head.

Once the interior glazing was gone, the window frames looked like this.

There were big chunks out of the masonry:

and some bits where the frames had rotted away under the glass.

It was, in short, not in a good state. But then Hugh arrived and sorted it out, and now it’s lovely.

I don’t know exactly what he did because I’m not a builder, but it involved a couple of types of filler, then some sanding, then some painting, then another round of filling and sanding and painting. This was it after the first round.

Much better already!

I’m looking forward to seeing it finally finished.


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