Hello everyone, it’s been a while

Hi readers! Sorry I haven’t been around much over the last few weeks; summer is conference season and I have alternately been on planes, in hotels, and trying to recover from being on planes and in hotels. However now I am home again, hopefully for the next few months at least, so normal-ish service should resume. As much as ‘normal’ can be applied as a moniker around here, anyway.

So, what have I been up to? I’ve been in the USA a lot. Rhode Island for DFRWS US, then New Orleans for ICDF2C, then San Antonio for Techno Security. All of those were digital forensics / criminal investigation related, and they were very interesting. Techno Security in particular yielded some good conversations about potential future collaborations… watch this space.

This has been my view a lot of the time lately

In between conferencing my mother came to stay for a few days, which would have been better if it hadn’t rained the whole time. She doesn’t like going out in the rain and I wasn’t feeling well, so we spent most of our time holed up in the house trying to find things to watch.

I’m also working on the next research paper in my psychology of religion / anthropology job. It’s about atheists who visit sacred spaces: why they go, what they do while they’re there, and how this impacts upon the people for whom the space has a deep religious or spiritual meaning. There’s a bunch of interviews to be looked through which we conducted a few years ago when I was part of the team at Oxford; currently along with some researchers at the University of South Wales I’m going through them, drawing out the salient points and hopefully writing some interesting papers.

And beyond all that, there is of course the flat, which still needs to be renovated. Progress is being made gradually, and I need to update my flat list to see what’s left to do. At this point I’m mainly just getting other people to do things rather than doing them myself, because even I can’t just summon up time from nowhere.

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