2018 Reflections: Food

Inspired by my friend’s post on Instagram, and in an ongoing attempt to improve my relationship with food, I thought I’d do a round-up of my favourite things I’ve eaten this year. 

In no particular order:

1. Tofu & Lemongrass Po’Boy in New Orleans

From The Green Goddess in Exchange Alley.

2. Breakfast in Amsterdam

If you go to Amsterdam, stay at the Lloyd Hotel, and book the breakfast too. There’s champagne and everything, but honestly all the food is so simple yet so good. I had scrambled eggs on toast and they were the best I’d ever tasted.

3. Mixed Vegetables in My Living Room

My favourite meal I made myself this year involved miso baby aubergines, soy-and-ginger glazed broccolini & asparagus spears, and sweet potato wedges to which I’d done something wonderful which I’ve never been able to replicate. Hopefully at some point I’ll work out how I did it.

4. Lunch in Glastonbury

Excalibur café sits halfway down Glastonbury high street. I went in not expecting much, sequestered myself away at table 13 in the back corner (excellent number, good position), and ordered some pizza. It was SO GOOD. I stayed for several hours, ordered the softest, most squishily delicate chocolate brownie I’ve ever had, and drank very pretty flowering tea. I went back every day and plan to do so next time I’m in Glastonbury too.

5. Brunch and Lunch in London

West Six Café in the garden centre in Ravenscourt Park has to get a shoutout here, because I practically live there. It’s great both in terms of food and atmosphere, plus the staff are lovely. I send them postcards when I’m abroad, because I am a nerd.

For brunch, try their cashew mushrooms on toast (vegan) or their truffled eggs on toast (vegetarian), or if you’re feeling a bit hungover their cheese toasties will hit the spot.

For lunch, their salads are excellent, and they do a good brownie to fill up your dessert stomach too.

6. Lunch in London

I follow the newsletters of all the local West London markets, and at one point Brook Green Market sent one out that included a picture of a salad that looked frankly phenomenal, so I took myself down there and bought it.

It was made of beetroot and squash, and it had goats’ cheese in it and seeds on top and some kind of tahini dressing, and it was the best salad I have ever eaten and it made me want to chase the person who made it around London begging her to make me a salad every day, which of course would be weird so I wouldn’t do that. It was from rad.ish, and I really hope they come back to West London soon because I am in love with their vegetables.

7. Dinner in London

I went to The Ninth for dinner with a friend and it was very very nice. I had venison with a side of hasselback potatoes. It’s not cheap, but if you feel like splashing out it’s worth the extravagance.

8. Dinner in London

An impromptu trip to Randall & Aubin in Soho for a seafood feast turned out to be a roaring success. The oysters in particular were lovely, but everything was very good, and the prices are unusually reasonable for a good Soho restaurant.

9. Lunch in Florence

Mangiafoco is a little café tucked down a Florentine side street. It specialises in truffles and wine, two of my favourite things. I had a simple lunch of mozzarella and truffles on toast with their house wine, but everything looked (and smelled) amazing so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed whatever you try. They also sell their truffled olive oil, which will make your salads taste wonderful if you bring it home.

10. Dinner in Berkshire

For my friend’s hen weekend we had a very civilised time at a posh hotel in Berkshire. Hurley House is a lovely location for weddings, quiet hen dos, and weekend breaks.

The beetroot salad starter was amazing (I’m beginning to think I maybe just really like beetroot?) and then I had a pigeon wellington which was also very good. They even hand-made some Earl Grey infused chocolates and marshmallows for us.

What are your favourite places to eat?


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