A Flat, A Cat, And A Fiat

When I was seven years old, we had Circle Time at school. Circle Time was when we all sat on the floor in a circle and discussed a topic of the day. This particular day’s topic was “my dream life.” The idea was that you could choose absolutely anything – the best existence you could possibly think of, even if it had no chance of ever coming true.

We went around the circle and most people said things like “I’d be a princess!” “I’d be an astronaut!” “I’d have a million pounds!”

Then it got to me.
“And what would your dream life be, Scar? What would you have if you could have anything at all?”
“I’d have a flat, a cat, and a Fiat.”

The teacher explained again that we were supposed to be talking about an absolute ideal, not something that might be attainable, but I stuck to my guns. The best thing seven-year-old Scar could possibly envision was a home of her own with a cat inside it and a Fiat outside. The teacher told my mother and it became a running joke.

Well, last week I passed my driving test, and at the weekend I bought a car. Yes, of course it was a Fiat. The child version of me is very happy. And I managed to capture all three things in one picture, although appropriately the cat is taking centre stage, because of course everything revolves around her. 😉

Other than buying a car and driving it around ecstatically, what have I been up to this week?

On Sunday I did some work for the research project, managing to locate a single quote in a pile of notebooks remarkably quickly.

I also spent some time working on my novel and doing some reading for the university course I’m starting this weekend.

Monday was, as usual, fully spent in the office. I got home late and tired but happy that I’d managed to get everything done.

Tuesdays are the day I do the most walking, usually about seven miles between appointments and grocery shopping and stuff. I ended up doing even more than usual on Tuesday evening, because I went to the planning meeting for a local women’s group I’ve joined. We have one event per month and they’re always interesting. The lady who was organising everything suggested that we put all the dates in our diary from now up to February 2020. I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE.

It snowed in London on Tuesday evening, so although I’d been tentatively considering driving to Oxford on Wednesday I thought I’d scrap that plan and get the bus instead. I spent some time in the Computing and Mathematics departments discussing a conference I’m running there in 2020, and then went for coffee with a friend.

By the time I got home I was about ready to drop, but I ran a bath and read a book instead. I’m writing this post a day earlier than usual because today (Thursday) I’m in the office all day instead of tomorrow, since tomorrow is registration day for uni. And then at the weekend I’ll be starting my certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling. So far today I’ve worked all morning, then I have three meetings this afternoon, and in the evening I need to go home and clean my house and make food for the next few days.

What do I have to show for this week in practical terms?

  • I found two new clients for Bohemiacademia
  • I wrote two more chapters of my novel
  • I posted the video and transcript of a talk from DFRWS 2019 on Forensic Focus
  • And, of course, I now have a car.

How’s your week been?

If you’re interested, here’s what the Bohemiacademia team got up to this week.

Tell me about your week.

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