The Wheel of the Year

The beginning of February is marked by Imbolc, a traditional Celtic festival which heralds the start of spring. I swear winter gets later and later each year, and there are few signs of spring yet here in the UK. Personally I love the cold dark seasons, so this suits me fine, but I feel for my friends who find the dark days disheartening.

Back when I lived in Sussex as a teenager I’d go walking across the downs in February looking for Imbolc snowdrops, but now that I live in London it’s less easy to find time to head into the countryside, although I do live near several parks and a nature reserve on the river Thames. 

I haven’t seen any snowdrops in the wild myself this year, but a friend who lives in Somerset has been posting some lovely pictures of her local woods on Facebook. And I found this picture on Unsplash, which reminded me of long walks through frosty Sussex woods in full goth gear at fifteen:

Beyond staring dreamily at other people’s flower pictures, what else have I been up to over the past week?

Ohgodsomuch. You may have noticed that this round-up is happening on a Monday instead of a Friday, because there wasn’t time last week to post it. That’s pretty descriptive of how things are going right now: life is feeling like a constant game of catch-up and I’m fairly sure there isn’t time to do any actual catching up this week. However, I have a lot of experience managing multiple commitments, and I know that in a couple of weeks it’ll probably all even out again. In the meantime I just have to ride the rollercoaster and cling on.

^ Me, barely keeping on top of my to-do list.

Last Monday was content planning day for clients, so I had various calls to talk about what we’d be writing over the next few weeks. Luckily it’s not me who does the bulk of the actual work – that’s left to Bohemiacademia’s trusty team of freelancers – but I manage the client relationships and have all the calls, so that took up most of Monday. I also had a meeting with a new client who has a fun-sounding project involving a giant book, which sounds right up my street.

On Tuesday I spent some time with the consultants again looking at my weird body and what it might or might not be doing. They’ve revised their original tentative diagnosis and now they think it might be something muscular rather than something nerve-damage-based, but we won’t know for a while. I really really hope this one is right, because it’d be about a thousand times easier to fix, by which I mean it’d be fixable at all rather than degenerative. Fingers crossed. We shall see.

I went to choir on Tuesday evening and decided to take on some fairly ambitious soloing in our upcoming concert. I’m pretending to be nervous but really I can’t wait. The final song in particular has some soaring notes which are just the kind I like, especially the top A.

Wednesday was one of those irritating days where nothing went to plan; I ended up having a couple of extra appointments which I hadn’t originally put into the diary, and that sort of threw the day off kilter and set me behind in my reading list, which was frustrating. In the evening I went to hang out with the BFF though, so that was fun.

On Thursday I received a delivery of four more bookcases, which means my book collection will hopefully be able to stop living on the floor; and Friday involved some more impromptu meetings. Then on Saturday and Sunday, of course, I was at uni.

I wrote another chapter of my novel and spoke to my agent about timings and deadlines. I think we’re pretty well aligned and I’m still on target with that, so at least there’s something where I haven’t yet slipped behind.

Here’s hoping that this week picks up a bit in terms of productivity and that I have fewer days where I end up having impromptu meetings.

If you’re interested, here’s what the Bohemiacademia team got up to this week.

Tell me about your week.

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