I can’t brain properly so I’ll just tell you what I’ve done this week

I just spent a good few minutes staring into the middle distance in my office, trying to work out how to theme this post and what to write at the beginning of it. Then I opened my notebook and flicked through it absently. Then I clicked on my WhatsApp window and scrolled down a couple of conversations I’ve had with friends.

Then I snapped out of it and just started to write.

Normally I open these weekly round-ups with a spiel about something that’s been on my mind over the last few days, but very little has been in my head this week except a constant spinning to-do list, rolling down into an eternal deep. 

I guess that’s the theme of this week, though: just getting shit done. I’ve had a lot of days when I’ve felt tired and uninspired and like I didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything. Not in a terrible, ‘I am depressed and I hate everything’ way, just in an ‘I am tired and bed is cozy and I want to stay inside it a bit longer’ way. And also an ‘I can’t be bothered to put make-up on and go outside and see Humans and do Humaning’ way, too.

There’s been too much Humaning in my life recently. It’s made more difficult by the fact that all of it has been pleasant. I’ve seen some friends, which has been lovely, and I’m doing my course, which is interesting and full of people who enjoy having intellectually stimulating conversations, and I’m coming into the office a couple of days per week, where I don’t have to speak to anyone except the receptionist, who is one of the sweetest people I know, and the cleaners who are smiley. But it’s a big jump going from being at home about 95% of the time, to suddenly being out for what probably amounts to about five full working days per week. That’s a lot of peopleing, when you’re not a very peopley person.

So that’s something I’m finding challenging, but also interesting; I enjoy watching my own reactions to things and psychoanalysing myself. I wondered if that would be a bad thing when it came to my goal of becoming a therapist one day, but on our training course they keep telling us that self-awareness is one of the main things you need in order to be a good psychotherapist; even more than you need to know the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline. So all my navel-gazing now has a solid excuse.

As you can probably tell from the rambling nature of the post, my head is all over the place today, a situation which was not helped by having to spend an hour on the phone to HMRC this morning.

However, it’s only Monday afternoon, and already some good things have happened this week, and hopefully more are to come. In the meantime, I will tell you what I got up to last week, so I can keep track of how things are going throughout the year.

I spent a full day in the office on Monday, signing contracts with a new client and working out how I was going to fit an extra project in. (It’s only a little one. It’ll be fine.) When I arrived at the office I discovered that the road leading up to it was closed off; I assumed they were doing some normal roadworks, but it turned out to be a sinkhole. They fixed it remarkably quickly – the road is open again today – and on Tuesday a man came out and fixed the mini sinkhole which was opening in the entryway of my building due to a leaking water pipe that’d been left for five years.

On Tuesday afternoon I had a conference call with the DFRWS crew to talk about plans for the EU conference, which will be taking place in Oslo in April. That’ll come around quickly, I know. I had the call from home because I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way to the office, and Pangur decided to join in. It was gleefully pointed out how much I looked like a Bond villain, sitting on my velvet chair stroking a large white cat.

In the evening I went to a choir rehearsal and practised for the upcoming concert, which is taking place at 7.30pm on the 22nd of March. It’ll be in St. Luke’s Church on Uxbridge Road (that’s in London, for anyone who’s new to the blog), and tickets will be £10 on the door. I will be attempting, and hopefully succeeding, to hit a top A in a beautifully soaring way, rather than a screechy hoarse way. We’ll see.

On Wednesday I gave myself an impromptu day off. Well, I say “day off”: I had to keep my emails open and check in on anything urgent, but I didn’t do a normal day’s work. Instead I spent the day cleaning the living room, which was very exciting. I wish I were joking, but I genuinely get excited about cleaning stuff. I am very cool.

I spent Thursday in the office doing work for Bohemiacademia, and then at midday I had a call with the research team at the University of South Wales to discuss a paper we’ve almost finished writing. In the evening I went to a Galentine’s event at Village Goleen, a new London supperclub which is definitely worth checking out. That has its own post coming later in the week, but here’s a sneak preview of how pretty the dishes were (please excuse the terrible photo, it was dark because it’s February).

On Friday I did a bit of work in the morning, then spent the rest of the day cooking. It was surprisingly fun and I made this beetroot and coconut bake, which was excellent and now I want to exclusively eat this for the next few weeks. I will probably do that, and then make myself hate it, and then never want to eat it again, until in a few years’ time I rediscover the recipe, decide to try it, love it, and repeat the whole process all over again.

My friend came over for dinner in the evening and we ate the beetroot thing and a maple glazed butternut squash, and then I went to bed early. The weekend, of course, was spent at uni feeling increasingly exhausted and exhilarated all at once, and then it was Sunday night, and then it was Monday morning, and then it was Monday afternoon, and that’s now.

If you’re interested, here’s what the Bohemiacademia team got up to this week.

Tell me about your week.

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