Fallen Angel by Chris Brookmyre

The Temple family are those people you’ve always looked at and wanted to be. The patriarch is a respected academic who has recently risen to prominence after debating conspiracy theories on a popular TV show. The matriarch, Celia, had her own meteoric rise to fame decades ago, playing a beautiful woman in a sci-fi series.

Their children, and their children’s children, are no different: from the outside, they seem like the perfect family. Or are they…?

Of course they aren’t, or it wouldn’t be a thriller.

Over a decade ago Niamh, the newest member of the family, fell into the sea and died. Her mother has since moved to the US and changed her name – now only the funeral of her own father has brought her back to the Portuguese resort where the tragedy occurred.

Amanda watches all this from the holiday home next door, enraptured by the vicarious fame and even more starstruck when she realises the deceased patriarch is someone whose views she’s always been obsessed with. Her frantic googling is nothing compared to seeing his relatives in the flesh, though; and luckily for Amanda, the couple she’s nannying for are firm friends of the Temples’. Gradually she gets to know them in person, but as she does she begins to wonder if everything is as it appears. Could the famous conspiracy debunker’s family be covering up a dark conspiracy of their own?

Fallen Angel is the perfect holiday read: quick and light in terms of writing style, but interesting and twisty in plot, it will keep you enraptured right up to the final reveal. Read it by the pool and be glad your family is (hopefully) nothing like the devious Temples.

I received a review copy of Fallen Angel from the publisher. All views are my own.


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