I keep asking people not to send me erotica, and they keep doing it anyway. To be fair, this time it was my fault for not reading the description closely enough and assuming that it’d be a book with some sex in it, rather than a book largely about sex and sexuality.

Animals Eat Each Other by Elle Nash

The story centres around L., who lives a boring life in a nowhere town until a couple enter her life and start having sex with her. As she explores her sensuality with them, in ways she’d never even known existed, L. is drawn into a confusing and exciting lifestyle that threatens everything she’s ever known.

I wondered if much of the story was autobiographical, based on the protagonist’s initial (by which she is called) bearing the same pronunciation as the author’s first name. The story does have a certain ring of truth to it, particularly the more soul-bearing elements, such as the description of pain on page 20:

“In pain all senses are heightened. The mind has to go deeper than the immediate to be okay. Pain is a form of meditation that defeats the now. It is not about being present with the pain but being beyond it, being able to breathe and function and think, being able to survive without kicking and screaming.”

I’ve given the book to a friend who’s into erotica to see what she makes of it; once she’s told me her thoughts I’ll add them to this review, because I suspect it’s a book that would appeal to a specific audience, of which I am not a part. In the meantime, if you do enjoy sexy romps in your novels, check this one out and let me know if you like it!

Update: I went for a walk with my friend yesterday, and while we were watching the beautiful sunset over the river she said “I couldn’t believe you’d even read Animals Eat Each Other.” She’s right, of course: eroticism is not my bag, which was why I wanted her to read it, to see if I was being unfair in thinking that it was badly written, and just not liking it because of the super-sexy content. She confirmed that it was not, in fact, a well-written book; I think the words she used were “extremely badly written,” actually, so I feel justified in my claim that it wasn’t just me being a typical asexual and instead it probably just wasn’t a very good book.

I received a review copy of Animals Eat Each Other from the publisher. All views are my own.

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