The Flat List #4

Apparently I haven’t posted one of these since October, mainly because I’ve barely done anything to the flat since then. However, in the interests of getting myself back up and running with the renovations, here is the state of things as it currently stands.


  • Finish stripping the wallpaper.
  • Pull up the floor.
  • Get the walls plastered or rendered or plastered and rendered or whatever the right term is.
  • Decide what I’m doing about heating
  • …and do it.
  • Get the windows reframed because the frames are rotting.
  • Take off the final remains of the manky secondary glazing that looks like it was installed in the 70s and never cleaned.
  • Work out what I’m doing about lighting and install any fixtures that need to be put in.
  • Paint the ceiling and walls.
  • Clean the mantlepiece, which has brown gunk caked in its crevices.
  • Sort out the floor.

Which means… the living room is finished! So I can scrub that entire room off my list, which is exciting because it was arguably the biggest job. This is currently my favourite corner of it.


  • Rip up the floor.
  • Fill the holes in the walls.
  • Paint the ceiling and walls.

I haven’t made any progress with this, except that I have decided what colour to paint the ceiling and walls. I’d also been putting it off because I hadn’t decided whether to knock down the wall between the hallway and the kitchen, creating one much larger, more open kitchen when you walk into the flat. However it’s a supporting wall, which would require steel beams, which would require lots of expense. I was still humming and hawing about it when I decided to go back to university and do a Master’s, at which point my bank account made the decision for me.


  • Take up the manky grey lino I put down in 2016 as a temporary option.
  • Paint all the units black and replace the handles with prettier ones.
  • Make the white tiles black (rather than the hassle of replacing them, I’m probably going to buy some of that stick-on tile stuff and hope no one notices).
  • Get a new light fixture that doesn’t make me feel like I’m cooking in a supermarket.
  • Paint the ceiling and walls.
  • Put down some pretty black floor tiles.

Again, this hasn’t had any progress because it’s been in an in-betweeny decision-making time. Now that the decision’s been made, I can at least in theory move forward with the decorating.


  • Paint the walls.
  • Sort out the lighting.
  • Finish the stairs. This will involve painting them, and possibly also some decorative tiles, depending on how energetic I’m feeling.


  • Decide what I want to do with the bathroom

I have done this! I’m painting it yellow, and I’ve found the right shade, so now it’s just a case of… well, doing it.


  • Remove all the stuff people have dumped behind the little wall outside my house.
  • Paint the little wall so it doesn’t look as shabby.
  • Plant some plants there to make it look cheerier.
  • Set up a neighbourhood book swap scheme by placing a small bookshelf behind the wall for people to take from and contribute to.
  • Get the fire escape stairs fixed.
  • Hang some plant pots over the fire escape balcony bit.
  • Clean the weird moss stuff off the courtyard.
  • Fix the holes in the courtyard wall.
  • Paint the courtyard wall so it doesn’t look as shabby.
  • Buy a couple of picnic tables and a BBQ and put them in the courtyard. (What I’m loftily referring to as ‘the courtyard’ is a small patch of… well, courtyardy bit?… that’s shared between me and an unknown number of neighbours. At least two, but possibly more. At the moment no one takes care of it. I want to change that.)
  • Plant some plants in the courtyard to make it look cheerier.

So there we have it. That’s the state of things, flat-wise. I haven’t done much in real terms, but I have made some important decisions. Onwards and upwards.

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