Search terms that bring people to my blog

…because that’s always a fun thing to write about. Last year saw broccoli, confused Christians and avoidant men.

In the year from March 2018-April 2019, here’s what people have been searching for to get to the blog.


The top search term is ‘chateauneuf du pape,’ which perhaps shows that I should write more about wine. I don’t think I’ve ever written about this particular wine, though, which is a little confusing.

Chronic Cellars La Muneca” was also popular, and crucially, I have actually written about this one.

Wenzel Garten Eden buy wine” – apparently some visitors to the blog have very discerning (and expensive) taste.


“Books similar to Chris Kraus I Love Dick” was the top book-related search term this year, which is unfortunate considering how much I disliked the book. Relatedly, “How is Chris Kraus I Love Dick feminist?” was another popular search term. And, yeah. Search me. In my opinion, it wasn’t.

“Negative effects of too much reading on the brain” – well, I wouldn’t know about that. 😉

“Novels about witches?”


“How to find a publisher for my book” was a popular option – here’s what worked for me.


Surprisingly, people have actually come here for the food. Miso parsnips seem to be the main culprit (and yes, they are good.)


Barcelona fire devils – an unforgettable experience, to be sure.

End of year reflections 2018 – hardly surprising, since I write a lot of reflective posts at the end of each year.

“How did the woman get the scars on her neck in The Shape of Water?”

“The wee rid car Scottish poem“, which I recited to my class when I was six years old and has been indelibly marked in my brain ever since.

“To will is to stir up paradoxes”, which is one of my favourite quotes and so I’m happy that people are searching for it. It’s from The Myth of Sisyphus.

“What is existentialism?” The ultimate question 😉

“Writing a scar investigation”, because of course my investigations are different from everyone else’s.

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