Monthly Round-Up: July 2019

Yeah, this one’s been a good one. Some good news; some good progress. Some imperfections, as always. Here’s a round-up.

Highlights of the Month 

  • Getting onto the MA Psychotherapy & Counselling at Regent’s University, starting this September. I am extremely happy about this. Being a therapist was my dream job from the moment I learned it was a thing, but when I hit adulthood life went a different way for a while. That was no bad thing, actually, since it gave me a whole lot more experience, but now it feels good to be pursuing a dream again.

  • Successfully signing up Bohemiacademia for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital thing for VAT: one more admin nightmare out of the way.
  • Graduating from the Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling at Regent’s University.
  • Seeing some friends I don’t get to see very often.
  • Having a productive call about a potential collaboration for one of my clients.
  • Signing a new social media management client for Bohemiacademia.
  • Making a lot of progress on the novel.
  • A call I had with one of my clients, which made me realise how much they value our working relationship (as do I) and reassured me that I’m on the right track with my current work situation.
Black cats + coffee + books, oh my

Things That Worked Well 

  • Using social media to keep me accountable on novel-writing days. I’ve been doing this for a while but in July I noticed it really is helpful. There’s something about publicly saying that I’m going to write a minimum number of words in a day that makes me want to actually hit it.
  • Listening to podcasts about things I want to do more of, which automatically influences me to do so. I’ve started listening to a few podcasts while I cook: one from Olive Magazine, which inspires me to cook more; one called Spirits, in which the hosts drink alcohol and discuss mythology, two of my favourite pastimes; and one by The Fat Feminist Witch, who is exactly as awesome as she sounds, and who inspires me to do more witchy shit, which is almost always on my New Year’s Resolutions list.
  • Swimming! Finally! I wouldn’t say I’m fully back on track yet, but I certainly did more of it than I have been doing, which is good.
  • Small joys on the way to / from work: I started doing this a couple of weeks ago, and it motivates me to walk to work rather than getting the bus. Along the way I take note of things that make me smile, like this little shield bug, and then I share them later.

Things That Didn’t Work So Well 

  • Going away for a few days. I knew it wasn’t the right decision, but I did it anyway because my doctor told me to. I caught up with a few friends, which was nice, but I could only afford to take four days off, and that wasn’t long enough to actually relax. So instead I got all the stress of the backlog from being away, with none of the refreshment of having been on holiday. Still, I have a week off planned in September, so I will chill out properly then.
  • Being flexible. I know that it’s super important for me to stay within a very set routine, otherwise everything falls apart. You can tell me this is a bad thing, but you’re wrong. It might be bad for you – it might even be bad for me, at some other point in my life – but right here, right now, it’s what makes my life work. From time to time I succumb to the pressure to be flexible for someone else, and it fucks things up momentarily, and I remember why I need to stick to my routine. (Obviously I am not talking about making exceptions for genuine crises / emergencies. That’s a different thing, and while it does still fuck things up afterwards, I don’t begrudge it at all.)
  • Business stuff – some of it’s going fantastically well, some of it not so much. That’s fine, as long as it evens out on the whole, which is currently happening. But there are a few kinks that need work, and I need to get them streamlined before I start the MA in September and my life gets even busier.
I love this place, but this was not the right time to go.

This Month I Walked… 

58.5 miles.

This Month I Swam… 

1,760 metres / 1.09 miles / 92 lengths.

Favourite Line I Wrote This Month: 

“Time passed, and nothing happened.”

This Month I Read… 

  • The Night She Died by Jenny Blackhurst ⭑⭑
  • Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green ⭑⭑⭑
  • Behind Closed Doors by Elizabeth Haynes ⭑⭑
  • The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances ⭑⭑
  • The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes ⭑⭑
  • Never Tell by Lisa Gardner ⭑⭑
  • How to Write a Thesis by Umberto Eco ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Guide to star ratings

This Month I Watched… 

Sooo much stuff. I was writing a lot this month, since the novel deadline is now just over a week away, and this made me want to veg out in front of Netflix in the evenings rather than reading, so I did. And while I was vegging, I watched:

  • The latest episodes of Jane the Virgin (still ridiculous, still excellent)
  • Trinkets (fun, but with a disappointing lack of LGBTQIA+ content for something that was advertised as an LGBT+ show)
  • Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room, the first ten minutes of which were hysterical
  • Bonding, which was exactly what you’d expect from a dark comedy series about a dominatrix
  • Stranger Things season 3, which I enjoyed more than either of the other seasons, probably because I just let myself go along with all the fantasy stuff, which isn’t normally my vibe
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5, which was as good as I’d hoped, and underlined just how much I am Rosa

  • Tales of the City, which was very good, even if it didn’t have a phenomenal ending
  • Rough Night, which was ridiculous but fun
  • Extreme Engagement, which was an extremely irritating series in which two obnoxious white people went around the world patronising indigenous people in various countries
  • OITNB season 7, which had a very good ending. Not excellent, not beyond my wildest expectations, but very good. Realistic. I liked it.

That’s it from me! How’s your month been?

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