Monthly Round-Up: October 2019

This month I am very much aware that I am doing a lot of things. I am running a company and doing a Master’s and writing two books, which when I write it down in black and white does look like a lot.

Not only that, but the company is currently growing (goo… good?) and I’ve been elected student rep for the MA (when I say “been elected” I mean “enthusiastically volunteered for” because I am a big fat nerd) and I am already three chapters behind with one of the books, which I originally planned to finish in 2016. However, the other book is (so far) on schedule, so that’s something, right? RIGHT?

I jest. I’m having a great time with all these things, really, and I thrive on being busy. Yes, it is a lot, but I had so missed that feeling of real purpose when you get up in the morning, you know? That mighty shove your to-do list gives you when you wake up and it’s freezing outside the covers and there’s a yowling cat in your face.

She does sleep sometimes. Just not when I want a lie-in.

Highlights of the month

  • Starting uni! HOW EXCITING. I have not been this excited since term started at school when I was a teenager. Why yes, I have always been very cool.
  • Having dinner with a friend. We went to La Brasseria near Regent’s Park and it was a very pleasant evening.
  • My Hallowe’en party was freakin’ awesome, though I say so myself.

  • The agent liked my book! *hyperventilates* The Agent. Liked. My Book. I mean, there are still things that need to be done with it: she saw a rough second draft, so it definitely needs some more edits, but I knew that anyway.
  • Autumn has been out in full force in London. I love the colourful leaves.

  • Getting back into walking more again.
  • Buying a beautiful desk, aka the desk of my dreams.


  • Uni. I’m enjoying it so far, particularly the academic part.
  • Work is going fairly well; we have new clients and new projects, which is always a good thing.
  • Walking. I walked to work most of the time, and around London quite a bit, and that was nice.
  • Swimming. I went again.


  • I’m not actually sure, because I’m writing this in the office at nearly midnight and I’ve been here since 6am, and that is probably an answer in itself.

This Month I Walked… 

69.1 miles.

This Month I Swam… 

1,320 metres / 0.82 miles. Which is better than last month, when I did not swim at all.

This Month I Read…

Very little.

  • The Secret Keeper by Susan Lewis ⭑
  • My own novel, again, to edit it *
  • A sensitivity read for a client *

* I am not going to give star ratings to these, because they are not published yet so it wouldn’t be fair. (Also, obviously I’m not going to rate my own book, since I am blatantly biased…)

Guide to star ratings

I also read a whole bunch of papers for the Master’s, and of course worked on the two books I’m writing, hence the much shorter reading list than usual.


  • The Good Place. I can’t believe we’re in the final season! Also, the podcast is well worth listening to.
  • Departures, Birthmarked, Carrie Pilby in a three-film binge when I was tired and needed to switch my brain off. I didn’t particularly love any of them, but it didn’t matter.
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and I felt like I’d seen it before.
  • The Neverending Story, for the first time ever, and I thought it was awful and extremely culturally insensitive and the dragon thing was creepy and I do not get it at all.
  • Tallulah, which was quite fun.
  • Time Out, which was mildly entertaining.
  • Two Weeks Notice, which is still brilliant despite the missing apostrophe in the title.
  • Living With Yourself, which I half-enjoyed and half was just watching to give my brain something to not really concentrate on.
  • Ingrid Goes West, which was not very good.
  • Atypical season 3, which I quite enjoyed.

And then I turned the page in the diary I use as a paper to-do list, and I saw this, and it made me laugh:

Even my to-do list wants me to chill the fuck out.

No can do, to-do list. I’ve got shit to do.

How was your October?

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