How’s The Decade Been For You? 2010-2020

@stfutony’s tweet has been doing the rounds on Twitter, getting people to talk about the things they’ve accomplished in the decade from 2010-2020. Here’s mine:

– got divorced
– quit a job I hated
– became an investigator
– nearly died twice, didn’t
– started Bohemiacademia
– published a research paper
– published a book
– wrote a novel
– found a home
– made good friends
– went abroad for the first time
– started an MA
– found a great therapist
Of equal importance, however, is @BMatB’s suggestion of sharing the things that haven’t gone so well. What are those things we’ve just had to live through / survive despite? Here’s mine:
– when I quit my old job I lost everything, had to start from scratch
– several deaths
– dealt with some traumatic situations
– body broke some more, had to adapt
– various awful men made life harder
– bits of my house fell down
– planned to kill myself, narrowly avoided doing it
Ben is right that beside every success is usually a whole load of failures, or at least very difficult things that had to be overcome.
I generally share mostly the positive (or only mildly irritating) on social media, mainly because whenever I do share the negative, people assume I need either sympathy or advice, both of which (while well-meant, I’m sure) I almost always find actively unhelpful.
But just because you’re only seeing someone’s achievements, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is. 2010-2020 has, for me, been a rollercoaster of a decade. There have been some significant low points, but it’s on an upward trend overall.
Here’s to the next decade. 🥂

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