Realities of a life spent doing many things: right now I am running on empty. It feels like less than empty, actually – like I’m in the minus numbers – but I suppose it can’t be, because I am in fact at work and just about upright in front of my computer.

I manage my life by themeing my days, which works well but means that it’s very difficult to take a day off without having a huge knock-on effect on everything else. And if anything moves in to disrupt the normal routine, it has a disproportionately large impact.

“Just take some time off!” crow the Instagram self-care committee, and I get it. Time off is absolutely important, and I take a lot more off than I used to. But sometimes it’s unrealistic to take more than a sneaky hour in the bath on a Sunday – sometimes you just have to keep going until all the deadlines are hit. Flip the ‘automaton’ switch and not think about what you’re doing and when everything is due, and just trust in the power of the to-do list to tell you what needs to happen and when.

This is one of those times. I have a bunch of deadlines (work project, one novel, one textbook, two essays for the MA) all due in the week of the 9th of December, which is not far away. I expect that one of these (the textbook) will have to shift a little later, but the rest aren’t flexible, so for now it’s a case of head down, get on with it, and hold out for Christmas, which I will in fact be taking off. Mostly.

In the words of one of my favourite fellow doers-of-many-things: Onwards! 

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  1. You’re singing my song. I had just about “caught up” and then decided to take this weekend to relax a bit and then… found myself behind again. :/ But every time I wonder about what to let go of, it isn’t clear what that should be — I’d feel badly about letting any of it go!


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