Breathing And Nothingness

A friend sent me this comic from The Oatmeal earlier. It’s worth reading the whole list of “marvelous and melancholy things” Matthew Inman has learned over the years he’s been an artist, but I particularly enjoyed this one about breathing

People often ask me how I manage to do so many things with my time. People often also react with amusement when I mention that I prefer to spend my time off shutting out the world and doing things like staring at the river, or watching smoke rising from incense, or just sitting in my living room concentrating on nothing.

But to me, those two sides of life are intertwined. The staring, the nothingness, is necessary if I’m going to do all the somethingnesses. And I think a lot of the reason why many people lament how little they manage to get done is that they don’t have the time for the nothingness part. I don’t have an answer for that, because I am privileged in that I work for myself and I don’t have live-in dependents and largely, my time is my own.

But I recommend carving out little nothingnesses for yourself if you can, when you can. I for one am grateful for my nothing-time. Or, as The Oatmeal would put it, for my inhaling.

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