Half a World Away is one of my favourite novels I have read so far this year. From its sociological observations (“little frustrates the human brain so much as an inability to immediately pigeonhole complete strangers”) to its multifaceted characters and at times heartbreaking storyline, Half a World Away will pierce its way into your heart. (more…)

The other day I went to the William Blake exhibition at the Tate Britain and it was brilliant. Naturally it was a bit of a problem that I went in the late afternoon on a Saturday, because I had the problem I often have with exhibitions, where it feels like I am trapped in a more cultural version of IKEA due to the crowds and the conveyor-belt nature of the layout.

However, the busyness did not ruin the exhibition as much as I had feared, perhaps because I was so struck by Blake’s work. The first couple of rooms were hot and stuffy, and it was all too obvious that I was breathing in other people’s breath, which was obnoxious. About twenty minutes in I nearly left, but I was glad I didn’t. (more…)