…because I think I need a reminder.

A few years ago I published this post. In it I described the feeling I’d had when the company I used to work for was bought by the devil*, and how I’d stood there in my living room surrounded by a flat that was literally falling down around me, buying my food from the supermarket’s most basic range and getting my furniture off freecycle.

That feeling was one of the best I’d ever had, because the reason I was in that situation was because I’d gone along with what I believed in. I don’t think I’d ever been so happy with who I was as a person.  (more…)

Sometimes I read a book and think it’s something everyone should read. It happens rarely, because different people like different things, etc. But it does happen. And A Righteous Mind is one of those books.

I think it’s especially important for people who, like me, consider themselves politically liberal and find themselves stunned by conservative reasoning. How is it possible that they just don’t care, you think, shaking your head in despair at yet another tweet coming from the wrong side of the gun control argument, or the abortion argument, or something else that plucks at your ethical guitar and makes an out-of-tune twang.