New Year’s Resolutions Feature: Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is

This year I came to the startling conclusion that I’m actually not bad with money. I’ve always been told I’m terrible at managing my finances, and I’ve always believed that to be true because until about four years ago I never felt like I had enough money to live on. This was even the case when I was working in advertising and earning a pretty fat pay cheque.

However, a few months ago I was discussing life with my therapist, and she asked about money. I told her I’m bad with it, and she asked why, and we talked about my current habits. “They sound very healthy,” she told me when I explained that I earn enough to live on comfortably and have a reasonably well-stocked savings account. “But I’m bad with money,” I replied, “I always have been. Everyone I’ve ever lived with has told me I’m bad with money.”

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A Reminder

If there is one thing that my life has taught me to this point it is this:
just keep going.

When the roof falls in and you lose your house, when you have nowhere left to live,
move to another place and
just keep going.

When you’re taken away from the place you loved and the community you related to,
integrate yourself as best you can and
just keep going.

When someone injures you so badly that you can no longer perform a basic human function
patch yourself up as best you can and
just keep going.

When you’re made to spend long stretches of time with someone who’s nearly killed you,
fight for your life in whatever way you can and
just keep going.

When they try to brainwash you, try to take away your mind and your ability to use it,
visit the library in secret and
just keep going.

When it feels like there’s nothing and no one left, no friends you can tell or turn to,
hold that tiny piece of dogged resistance deep inside and
just keep going.

When they tell you your body is broken, that you probably won’t survive the year,
toss your head high, power on through it and
just keep going.

When the people you loved turn against you, when no one and nothing is left,
turn a new page, start a new life and
just keep going.

Yes it’s exhausting, but if it’s possible, it’s worth it. Because you will find love again, even when it feels like hate is winning. There will be more obstacles, you will fall down many more times; sometimes people will trip you up. Sometimes you will just fall yourself; done, defeated. But you rise.

The joy is temporary, your mind tells you; something else will go wrong. And it is right. But the pain is also temporary. Even those pains that leave lifelong scars have corresponding joys that still make you smile when you think of them years later.

So keep reaching out. Other people are feeling like this too, and maybe just by your mutual presence you can help each other. Keep moving forward. Keep your head and your spirits as high as you can, and

just. keep. going.

The problem with the EU ref solutions

I am not a fan of the EU Referendum result, for many reasons. It was built on a pile of bullshit; it opens the door to the Conservatives trying to scrap the human rights act again; it has concerning implications for immigrants in the UK; and it seems to have been taken by a small number of racist wankers as a signal that their views and behaviour are OK.

I signed the petition for a second referendum, even though I don’t think it’ll happen, because I wanted to show my dissatisfaction somehow. And I signed the petition for London to become its own city-state, or a special economic zone, even though I don’t think it’ll happen, because if any kind of positive change is going to come, it’s probably going to originate in either London or Scotland, and I don’t want to move back to Glasgow.

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Back From Hiatus

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note to say I’m back now, and normal scheduling will return this week. It’s been a weird couple of weeks in the UK, hasn’t it?

On Friday I sent out the following to my newsletterees, which pretty much sums up where my head’s been at. If you’re not getting the weekly newsletter, you’re missing out! You can sign up here.

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Why I’m Voting Remain

Ah, the referendum. It’s one of those things I hesitate to comment on a lot of the time, because I don’t feel qualified.

But, you know, I live in the EU. And in Britain. I am a British Citizen, according to my passport, but coming from a French family and being raised in Scotland, I see myself much more as a European than a Brit.

I’m voting Remain, not just for that reason but several more. Here are some of them.

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