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If the apocalypse is happening then at least I’ll be listening to a cheesy 90s playlist when it goes down

London today is bathed in a strange orange light, making it look like the beginning of an apocalyptic movie and prompting the same level of panic from English people on social media as when three flakes of snow fall on the Southern railway lines.

Personally I think it’s rather beautiful. Then again, I do have a whole childhood’s experience of living with people who genuinely believe in the actual End of Days. Like, one that’s going to be brought by god and we’re all going to die because we’re actually being controlled by Satan even though we don’t know it. So it stands to reason that I ended up an apocalypse skeptic. I think today’s sky is mainly just dust, but it’s pretty dust so whatever.

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Personal, Weekly Round-Ups

Socialising In An Antisocial Way

The past week hasn’t been massively interesting – sometimes it can be weird being a blogger, because it’s easy to feel like you have to do something thrilling at least as often as you’re posting. However the purpose of the weekly round-ups is mainly to keep my friends informed of whether I’m still alive, and to make sure they know roughly what state my health is in so they don’t have to actually ask me.

Basically I use blogging as a way to be even more antisocial than I otherwise would be. (That could be an interesting academic study, surely. Use of social solutions on the internet to deliberately decrease social interactions in real life.)

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Personal, Weekly Round-Ups

The Bath Is My Best Friend Now

I didn’t quite break my 15-hour record for time spent in the bath in one go this week, but I did hit ten hours which is still pretty impressive.

From Friday-Sunday I was very unwell but today I’m a bit better, so that’s nice. This of course means I’m trying to catch up with everything, which in turn means I’ll probably wear myself out, but oh well.

My biggest news this week is that I FINALLY HAVE A DATE FOR SURGERY! Having been waiting since the beginning of March, this is very welcome. I’m going in at the end of October, at which point the nice surgeon will remove the angriest of the internal organs, and then hopefully the others will settle down and return to their normal selves without its influence. Honestly, peer pressure these days. Even internal organs are succumbing.

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Personal, Weekly Round-Ups

Hello Yes I Am Alive

It’s 4pm and I’m only just getting around to writing the weekly round-up because I had an unexpected visit from the BFF, who dropped in before she goes on holiday. It was wonderful to see her – the kind of friend we all need is one who says things like “No, don’t worry that the cat’s pooed everywhere, I will clean it up for you.”

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Personal, Weekly Round-Ups

Staring At Chocolate Fingers

This week has been better than the two weeks that preceded it. I’ve done more work, which was fun, and read fewer books but done a lot of sleeping. I’ve also watched every episode of Would I Lie To You? David Mitchell is fantastic. So angry! So sarcastic! SO DAMN RELATABLE.

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Personal, Weekly Round-Ups

Great, Now I Look Like A Vampire

I have spent the past week stuck in a hellish circle so ridiculous that I ended up having to laugh at it.

(If you are squeamish, especially about menstruation, this is your warning that you may not enjoy this post.)

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