Digital Forensics


Digital forensics is the process of uncovering files or other sources of evidence on computing devices. This includes everything from desktop PCs to wearable technology.

I hold the following digital forensics qualifications: Advanced FTK from Syntricate; Computer Forensics from Guidance Software; IEF Essentials from Magnet Forensics; Nuix Foundations: Investigations from Nuix.

I hold the following child protection qualifications: Safeguarding Children from Stop It Now!; Eradicating Child Sexual Abuse from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation; Child Sexual Abuse And The Internet from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation; Understanding Child Sexual Abusers from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation; Women Who Sexually Abuse Children from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation; Basic & Advanced Child Trafficking from ECPAT International.

I specialise in the following areas: 

  • Data recovery: Windows, Linux, Android devices, SIM cards
  • Child protection
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Dark web

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