See you on the other side

I’m heading into hospital shortly for a pre-op, and then surgery early next week assuming the hospital hasn’t fucked up my appointments again.

I spoke to my doctor yesterday and he suggested I take some time off work; he was quite surprised I’d been working all year despite being “off sick”, but personally I find it keeps me going. Having said that, I’m going to be sensible for the next week or so and stay away from my inbox. In practice this will probably also mean I won’t be online much except for the purposes of Netflixing.

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Weekly Reading List #6: Classics, Hope And Hunger

Based on several things that have happened this year, I’ve been focusing my mind on doing more academic stuff in 2018. My psychology research has taken a backseat over the past couple of years, but I’d like to revive it. So currently my reading lists partly reflect that desire; there are several projects I’d love to work on, and I’m doing a bit of reading around each one to see which would be best to work on next.

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If the apocalypse is happening then at least I’ll be listening to a cheesy 90s playlist when it goes down

London today is bathed in a strange orange light, making it look like the beginning of an apocalyptic movie and prompting the same level of panic from English people on social media as when three flakes of snow fall on the Southern railway lines.

Personally I think it’s rather beautiful. Then again, I do have a whole childhood’s experience of living with people who genuinely believe in the actual End of Days. Like, one that’s going to be brought by god and we’re all going to die because we’re actually being controlled by Satan even though we don’t know it. So it stands to reason that I ended up an apocalypse skeptic. I think today’s sky is mainly just dust, but it’s pretty dust so whatever.

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Let’s Talk About Therapy

I was reminded this morning that it’s World Mental Health Day when I posted an article by Dr. Walid Abdul-Hamid over on Expat Focus about mental health in the workplace.

In the past I’ve talked a bit about mental health on this blog, and most years I just reshare that post because I’m lazy I think it might be helpful to someone.

But this year, after reading through Dr. Walid’s article, I thought it might be worth having a brief chat about therapy.

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Socialising In An Antisocial Way

The past week hasn’t been massively interesting – sometimes it can be weird being a blogger, because it’s easy to feel like you have to do something thrilling at least as often as you’re posting. However the purpose of the weekly round-ups is mainly to keep my friends informed of whether I’m still alive, and to make sure they know roughly what state my health is in so they don’t have to actually ask me.

Basically I use blogging as a way to be even more antisocial than I otherwise would be. (That could be an interesting academic study, surely. Use of social solutions on the internet to deliberately decrease social interactions in real life.)

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Weekly Reading List #5: Ships, Shadows and Little Fires Everywhere

I know, I know, it’s not so much ‘weekly’ as ‘sporadically’ at the moment. I’ve had a couple of weeks when I couldn’t really read anything because I had no brain due to my internal organs falling apart.

But I’m back on track, so here’s the latest reading list update.

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Apparently I have always been like this

This morning I went downstairs and the postman handed me a package from my mother. She’d sent a bunch of stuff I’d created as a child, which I opened with some apprehension because my childhood doesn’t exactly lend itself to nostalgia.

But it was fucking hilarious, and also interesting to see just how much of my personality hasn’t really changed…

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