Things I’ve done

Travelled alone


Slept in the woods without a tent

Written and published an academic paper

Learned to play an instrument

Swum in the Atlantic Ocean


Learned a language

Spent all night sitting talking around a bonfire

Found a missing person

Been in a musical


Ridden an elephant

Been to Brugges, Belgium

Adopted a child

Seen alligators, turtles, snakes and whales in the wild


Visited a castle

Written and performed my own music

Walked through caves

Been to South Carolina, USA


Been to various secret cocktail bars in London

Volunteered for a charity

Made the front page of a newspaper

Run an art gallery


Been in an opera

Climbed a mountain

Been to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visited the Old Library at Trinity College Dublin and seen the Book of Kells


Got tattooed and dermal anchor pierced

Been to a music festival

Swum in a lake

Dyed my hair a crazy colour



Cycled the whole way around an island

Been to Barcelona and Malaga, Spain

Taken a boat trip down the Waccatee river


Jumped off a waterfall

Learned to shoot a gun

Been in a theatre show

Been the official fortune teller at a village fair


Climbed a dormant volcano

Swum in the North Sea

Got lost in a foreign country

Been at the concert where Amanda Palmer debuted her Dear Daily Mail song

Let go of a floating lantern

Slept under the stars

Swum in the Mediterranean Sea

Walked with Catalan fire devils

10 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List

  1. Seriously I never heard of a “reverse bucket list” until now. Truly it’s the most brilliant idea ever.

    By the way, getting lost in a foreign country is really an exciting moment. I remember being gutwrenchingly scared, then feeling ashamed of my own paranoia, and remembering the relative benevolence of people, then being relieved to find out people were as decent as you’d hope they are and more than willing to help a silly lost stranger.


    1. Thanks! I like it because it helps me keep track of the things I’ve done.

      I completely agree, getting lost in a foreign country is very exciting! It’s sort of terrifying but also thrilling at the same time, especially when you eventually manage to find your way back. And people are often quite helpful once you reach out to them, I’ve found.


  2. First off, a bit of fan mail: I discovered your blog a few months ago thanks to someone else’s tweet I stumbled upon, and what a happy accident that was. I really like your writing voice, and find there’s a lot to learn from your posts and your perspective on life. Keep up the great work 🙂

    Then, the main reason why I’m commenting right here. I just read you’ve seen the Dear Daily Mail song’s live debut, and I’m all like “woah, that’s so cool!”. I went to the London show immediately before that, in 2012…would have loved to see that one too. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Iris, thanks so much for your comment! I sometimes feel like I’m just throwing words into a void so it’s nice to know that people are actually reading 😉

      Oh the Dear Daily Mail debut was amazing. Seriously one of my favourite life experiences to date. She definitely knows how to put on a show!


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