If you’d like to hire me, you’d be welcome to do so, but only on a freelance basis.

My work is varied, but the following are my most frequent requests:

  • We haven’t heard from Cousin Emily since 1974 and we want to know if she’s still alive, and if so, where.
  • I have a huge set of data and I need someone to break it down, analyse it and report back on it in a way my end client will understand.
  • We’re running a digital forensics conference and we’d like someone who actually understands the field to cover it.
  • I need this text translated from English into these sixteen languages, and I need it back within a week.
  • Someone has been collecting and/or creating indecent images of children, but we need to be able to prove this in court. Can you help us?
  • I think my partner is cheating on me, can you find out?
  • We want to write a company blog but none of us are good at writing, can we just send you a load of titles or subjects and you do the writing for us?
  • Help! My computer gave me the blue screen of death!

…and several other things. If you think I might be able to help you with something, just drop me  a line. If you’d like to look at something that’s formatted like a traditional CV, email me and I’ll send you one. My rates are reasonable, I can do quick turnaround times, and I work with a team of freelancers who cover the areas I can’t do myself.

See you around.


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