Empire of Things by Frank Trentman

I’ll start this review with the most obvious point: this book is Not Small. Weighing in at 862 pages, it is hardly a little light reading. It is also quite difficult to read on the train, being huge and a hardback.

For such a big book spanning such wide subject matter, however, it is surprisingly readable. I got through it in a few days, because I devour books the way other people devour pizza (I also devour pizza), and I found the writing style to be just right: not too dense, but also not patronising the reader.

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How Do We Change The World?

I would like to change the world.

I feel like it needs changing, you know? There are things that definitely aren’t working, things that aren’t going very well, and sometimes it feels like it’s all sort of coming to a head.

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Personal, Why The Hell Did I Ever Work In Advertising?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics recently.


It’s one of the oldest questions known to humankind. It’s pervaded every discipline, from philosophy and psychology to astrophysics and agriculture. It’s stumped people at confusing hurdles and encouraged dialogue between diverse groups.

How should I live?

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Weekly Round-Ups

I Feel Like I’ve Been On A Train For Days

This week has felt quite busy, but actually that’s mainly just been because I’ve spent most of it on public transport. What is it that makes sitting on a train for three hours feel so tiring, anyway?

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Weekly Round-Ups

My Body Clock Is So Confused Right Now

Last Sunday I got home from Oxford at 5am. Since then, I’ve been playing a game of catch-up, trying to get my sleep patterns back to normal whilst also getting all the work done.

After a quiet Q1 (in business terms, at least) the year seems to finally be gathering speed. All at once, of course.

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