Always wanted to be an author but never quite had the break? Yeah, me too.

Now Amazon’s come up with a way to launch one previously unpublished author into stardom, if they can produce a family-friendly Christmas story in time for Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately I grew up in a cult that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so that pretty much rules me out of the race. But you could have a go…


I have led the kind of life that sets one up to hate Christmas.

Brought up a Jehovah’s Witness, my mother and I didn’t celebrate it when I was a child. While other ex-JW adults often talk about feeling as if they missed out, Child Scar never felt that way. The JWs do a good job of explaining to their children (and anyone else who’ll listen) the Pagan origins of the Christmas festival, and how it’s got nothing to do with Jesus’ birth at all, really.