If like me you have a bladder that’s about as strong as a very weak thing, going for a long walk can be a frustrating experience. I love walking, and I’m currently trying to build up my walking ability so that in a couple of years’ time I’ll be able to walk around the coastline of the UK. But it’s hard when I need to pee a minimum of once an hour.  (more…)

I don’t normally do birthdays. I don’t mind celebrating other people’s, but I don’t celebrate my own. This is partly because I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, so I never celebrated my birthday as a kid, and it’d feel weird to start as an adult. It’s also because I have what my therapist terms “a pathological dislike of attention” so the idea of sitting in a room while people stare at me and sing to me and bring me presents sounds like actual hell.

However, I am quite proud of turning 30, because I never thought I would. And since you’re all staring at screens instead of directly at me, and none of you are going to sing to me because how would you anyway, and you’re definitely not sending me presents because fuck that shit, I thought I would take a moment to talk about turning thirty.  (more…)