2017 Reflections: Books – Fiction

To kick off my literary reflections for 2017, here are my favourite fiction books from this year. (Note that not all of these were published this year, that’s just when I read them.)

The following are abridged reviews; where there’s a longer version on the blog, I’ve linked to it. Blurbs are either from the back of the book, or from Amazon.

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Twelve Days Of Netflix: Day Two | Freaks And Geeks

In February I continued watching Star Trek: Voyager, but since that was the first day of Netflix I’m cheating and bringing you Freaks and Geeks, which I watched in March, for day two.

Freaks and Geeks was a 90s TV show which I’d never seen, because in the 90s I didn’t have a TV.

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Book Haul: Crime, Suspense and Coming-Of-Age Tales

Last week’s reading list went like this

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