Edewede Oriwoh on the Internet of Things

This week I caught up with Edewede Oriwoh, a researcher in cyber-physical security and the Internet of Things, and talked to her about the rise of smart homes and how people can keep themselves safe.

She had some very interesting things to say, not only about safety and security, but also about the philosophical and ethical implications of creating autonomous tech. And she’s a composer in her spare time, so generally a very cool person.

Read the full interview on Forensic Focus.


A Year In Recap: 2015

I’ve done my travel round-up and my books round-up, but here’s a recap of the highlights and lowlights of 2015 overall.

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FT Cyber Security Summit – Recap

A week or so ago, before I hopped on a plane to Spain, I went along to the FT Cyber Security Summit in London.

It was an interesting day, filled with a lot of different perspectives, including – unusually for a security conference – someone who went against the grain and spoke about the problematic nature of blanket spying techniques used by government agencies in the UK and US.

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Weekly Round-Ups

Deadlines, Cybersecurity Conferences and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This week hasn’t been massively thrilling, since I spent most of it slouching around in my living room feeling ill.

Why is it that they make medicine bottles so difficult to open? I mean, I get that they need to be childproof, but they’re also adult-without-much-strength-due-to-illness-proof.

My week started and ended with highly productive days, and everything in the middle was a bit of a non-starter.

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