A year ago, when David Bowie died, I sent the following email to my BFF, who somehow had managed to not be exposed to the wonder that was His Magnificent Starmanity before then.

It’s very much an intro to my own relationship with Bowie’s works, rather than a definitive guide, but I thought I’d republish it here on the anniversary of his death, in case you too are looking for somewhere to start with his extensive catalogue.


These days I tend not to listen to many albums, at least not one track after another on repeat, the way I used to when I had cassette tapes and then CDs.

Now that Spotify is in my life, most of my music is organised into playlists with titles like “Fuck Yeah”, “Mother-Friendly Playlist”, “Leave Me Alone”, “Work Fucking Harder”, and so on.

But from time to time there’s still an album that captures me enough to make me want to listen to it all the way through, and then listen again, and then buy the CD to make sure I definitely have it forever.

Here are some of my favourite albums throughout my life.