The problem with the EU ref solutions

I am not a fan of the EU Referendum result, for many reasons. It was built on a pile of bullshit; it opens the door to the Conservatives trying to scrap the human rights act again; it has concerning implications for immigrants in the UK; and it seems to have been taken by a small number of racist wankers as a signal that their views and behaviour are OK.

I signed the petition for a second referendum, even though I don’t think it’ll happen, because I wanted to show my dissatisfaction somehow. And I signed the petition for London to become its own city-state, or a special economic zone, even though I don’t think it’ll happen, because if any kind of positive change is going to come, it’s probably going to originate in either London or Scotland, and I don’t want to move back to Glasgow.

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Why I’m Voting Remain

Ah, the referendum. It’s one of those things I hesitate to comment on a lot of the time, because I don’t feel qualified.

But, you know, I live in the EU. And in Britain. I am a British Citizen, according to my passport, but coming from a French family and being raised in Scotland, I see myself much more as a European than a Brit.

I’m voting Remain, not just for that reason but several more. Here are some of them.

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This is the ePrivacy report I’ll be submitting to the European Commission

Last week I was in Brussels, and during the time when I wasn’t wandering around the city marvelling at the pretty architecture, I was sitting in a conference centre with people from the European Commission and stakeholders from around Europe to discuss the ePrivacy Directive.

Throughout the day, we were split into groups. Each group had a “host”, who led the discussion and who was required to submit a report to the European Commission within two weeks of the event.

I was the host in my group (yes, I did think about Trill all the way through 😉 ). This is my report.

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