Lazenne Wine Suitcases

I grew up in French. It’s my mother tongue, my first words were in French (“non” and “cheval” if you’re interested), and for about ten years I lived at least 70% of my life in French.

But I’ve never been to France. This is particularly ridiculous because I live in London, and I’ve been on the Eurostar several times, so I’ve been through France on my way to other countries on at least six occasions, but somehow I’ve never stopped off there.  Continue reading “Lazenne Wine Suitcases”


I am in Italy so there might not be many posts for the next two weeks

Hello readers,

I am currently in Modena, and later today I will be going on a tour of a traditional balsamic vineyard. I will then spend all my money on balsamic vinegar despite only arriving yesterday evening, and will have to stretch out about €10 to last the rest of the time I’m here.  Continue reading “I am in Italy so there might not be many posts for the next two weeks”


The European Commission wants your input on the Internet Privacy Directive

Today I’m in Brussels with the European Commission, looking at the future of the ePrivacy Directive, which decides which data are allowed to be stored online.

The Directive covers everything from spam to advertising cookies, and the current one was put together in 2002, making it pretty ancient in internet terms.

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Book Reviews: Dark Novels, Vanished Kingdoms, and Online Communities

This week’s books were all quite intriguing. From fact to fiction, I learned something new from each one.

Read on for reviews!

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Running with Fire Devils in Barcelona

I landed in Barcelona at 8pm after an obscenely long flight, considering I’d come from London which isn’t all that far away. The summer holidays made it impossible to book anything reasonably priced, so I’d ended up changing in Switzerland.

When I arrived my friend mentioned that there was going to be a Fire Run in the streets near her house that night. I dumped my stuff in her flat and we went along to check it out.

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