The Inevitable Admin of Adulthood

This week I’ve been good at dealing with things I normally put off. Things like horrible bills, and chasing people to fix my house (the boiler has broken. AGAIN.) and stuff like that.

A while ago I resolved to stay in the country for the rest of this year. I have a number of personal life things that I need to sort out, ideally before the end of 2015. Some are ambitions I’ve had for ages (learn to drive) that are becoming more urgent the older I get. Some are fun things I’ve never done before (have a Hallowe’en party) and some are less fun, but part of the Inevitable Admin of Adulthood (get my divorce finalised).

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Obligatory Intro Post

I set this blog up today on something of a whim, but I’m hoping it keeps going for a while at least. Mainly because I tend to forget what I’ve done on a day-to-day basis, and having a blog helps with that.

I’m reintroducing a thing I used to do on my old blog, which was the ‘weekly round-up’. I used to try to write it on a Sunday, but inevitably by the time Sunday rolled around I’d just want to chill out and not bother thinking about the week that’d just passed. So it might end up being a Friday/Saturday thing this time.

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