Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister

The title of this one kept confusing my brain, because for some reason I kept mentally inserting a comma between ‘do’ and ‘say’: Anything You Do, Say. That’s not the title. The title is Anything You Do Say, taken from the classic police caution we’ve all heard a million times in crime dramas (but hopefully not real life).

Getting past the title, however, the book itself was a lot of fun.

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Exploring London: Leake Street and the Vaults

I’d lived in London for ages before I even discovered the Vaults existed, which is odd, because Westminster is an area I pass through pretty regularly, and the Vaults are just over the bridge.

The other day, I went along with Hippy Poppins to Charlie Tuesday Gates’ studio clearout sale (details here – there’s still time to go grab a bargain!). I took some pictures on the way in, because the Vaults are really pretty and well worth exploring.

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