I am in Italy so there might not be many posts for the next two weeks

Hello readers,

I am currently in Modena, and later today I will be going on a tour of a traditional balsamic vineyard. I will then spend all my money on balsamic vinegar despite only arriving yesterday evening, and will have to stretch out about €10 to last the rest of the time I’m here.  Continue reading “I am in Italy so there might not be many posts for the next two weeks”


Weatherland by Alexandra Harris

Oh 2016, I am greatly enjoying the books you send my way.

Weatherland was sent to me for review by the good folks at Thames & Hudson. It is basically the most English book ever written: charting the history of a country’s art and literature through its weather.

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A Piece Of Sky

^^^ hit play ^^^

Unless you don’t like Barbra Streisand, in which case go sit in a corner somewhere and only come back when you’ve thought about what you’ve done.

Not loving Streisand is blasphemy, y’all. Streisand is QUEEN. So actually, maybe it’s treason. Or something.

Anyway, this post isn’t actually about music. It’s about skies.

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