It’s Book Blog Tuesday, So Here, Have Some Novels

There are currently sixteen pictures of books in my Google Drive folder, which is how I organise my upcoming blog posts. If I blog one per week it will therefore take me sixteen weeks to complete the posts, but I also have other books on my TBR list so by that point I’ll still be behind and then it will just keep spiralling on forever.

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2017 Reflections: My #2017bestnine on Instagram

This year hasn’t really been very Instagram-worthy, because I’ve spent most of it stuck in the house. However, as shows, there have still been a few noteworthy posts scattered throughout the shots of me watching Netflix in bed.

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2016 Reflections: My #2016topnine on Instagram

It’s coming up to one of my favourite times of year. No, not Christmas; new year. The time to reflect, to look back over the past twelve months, work out what went well and what could have gone differently, and think about whether I’ve attained the goals I set out at the beginning of the year, and what my goals for next year might be.

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Weekly Round-Ups

Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

…because I most certainly don’t.

I really want to write something inspiring (or at least interesting) but my brain’s at a stage of tired shutdown that won’t let me do that, so this round-up might be less exciting than the others.

That’s one of the things they don’t tell you about living your dream life: it’s bloody exhausting.

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“I need ur saris 4 wassantya” – Packing for a Multi-Purpose Trip

My phone buzzed and I reached over to pick it up. The text was from my mother.

“I nd ur sris 4 wassantya”
I texted her back. “What do you mean?”
“I need ur saris 4 wassantya”
“What’s wassantya?”

She is not a woman of many words.

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