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How Do You Fit It All In? #3

The third instalment in an ongoing series which was born of me not wanting to keep dealing with people’s incredulous looks when I tell them what I do.  Continue reading “How Do You Fit It All In? #3”

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“How Do You Fit It All In?” Like This.

People have always asked me how I manage to fit all the various things I do into my life. In the past, the answer was that I was a workaholic who could get by on four hours’ sleep a night.

Nowadays, however, I’m in my late twenties, and while that means I’m still young (right? RIGHT?!), it also means I’ve started making those little noises when I get out of chairs or bend to pick something up, and also that going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of stumbling drunkenly through the streets of Dalston at 3am seems like a perfectly good nighttime pursuit.

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Don’t Fucking Call Me Lucky

“You never know, might as well try” pretty much sums up my life philosophy, especially when it comes to work.

A lot of people say things to me like “You’re so lucky to have the job you have!” “You’re so lucky that you found a job when you were young and managed to keep it through the recession.”

Hmm, yeah.

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Freelance Life

Introducing Freelance Fridays!

Some of my favourite features on other people’s blogs are interviews with various people. Sarah does her ‘True Stories’ series, where people share interesting things about themselves. Caitlin does her ‘Vegan Traveller’ series, which documents people who travel whilst following a vegan diet.

So, in true blogger style, I thought I’d steal borrow the whole interview idea and set up my own interview series.

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Renaissance Reflections

What Are You Passionate About?

Mastering Your MotvationsIn this week’s Renaissance Reflections post, I look at an article by Tina Seelig on Medium which points out that our motivations aren’t always obvious (even to us) and sets up some exercises to work out what’s motivating you.

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Renaissance Reflections

43 Things I Am Definitely Going To Do With My Life (And How I Came Up With Them)

This week’s Renaissance Reflections post comes not from the Da Vinci book but from an article on Medium.

How To Invest In Yourself by Jon Westenberg is essentially an exercise in life planning, for people who are serious about Getting Important Shit Done. Since that’s a category I fall into, I decided to give it a go. My results are below; I’d recommend reading Westenberg’s article in full if you plan on following this yourself though, as I’ve just summarised things (and also changed bits).

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Freelance Life

Four things you will learn about yourself when you become a freelancer

I’ve done bits and pieces of freelance work throughout my whole working life, but I’ve only been 100% freelance, 100% of the time, for about three years.

Alongside the things that didn’t really surprise me (having no money, clients being confusing), there were a few things I learned about myself along the way that I hadn’t expected. I’ve found that freelancing as a process is as much about getting to know yourself as it is about actually doing the work. Continue reading “Four things you will learn about yourself when you become a freelancer”