Honey-Miso Glazed Parsnips

I freakin’ love parsnips.

If you’d told that to child scar, she never would have believed you. I wasn’t a fussy eater – my family was one of those that didn’t permit that to be a thing – but there were foods I didn’t like, and parsnips were definitely on that list.

So I avoided them for years, until as an adult I tentatively retried them and was hooked.

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Food & Drink

Recipe: Cranberry Chocolate Cinnamon Granola

I had always assumed that granola must be incredibly expensive to make. It is, after all, obscenely expensive to buy, at least in my little corner of London.

But, nope. It’s really cheap to make, so why the hell are we all still buying it? I’m not sure, and after Caitlin suggested I try making my own, I decided to give it a go.

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Weekly Round-Ups

The Spiderbeast Saga And Other Stories

This week was largely taken up with pitches and client calls. I’m not sure if we’ll win the pitches, but I hope so. They’re all quite interesting and I’d like a chance to get my Italian translators a bit of extra work – things have been quiet on the freelance translation front over the summer.

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