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2016 Reflections – Books (Non-Fiction)

2016 was seriously the best year I’ve had for books in ages. Despite it not being a great year for, well, pretty much everything else globally.

But in times like these, you grab what happiness you can get, right? So here are my favourite non-fiction books of 2016.

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What Are You Passionate About?

Mastering Your MotvationsIn this week’s Renaissance Reflections post, I look at an article by Tina Seelig on Medium which points out that our motivations aren’t always obvious (even to us) and sets up some exercises to work out what’s motivating you.

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43 Things I Am Definitely Going To Do With My Life (And How I Came Up With Them)

This week’s Renaissance Reflections post comes not from the Da Vinci book but from an article on Medium.

How To Invest In Yourself by Jon Westenberg is essentially an exercise in life planning, for people who are serious about Getting Important Shit Done. Since that’s a category I fall into, I decided to give it a go. My results are below; I’d recommend reading Westenberg’s article in full if you plan on following this yourself though, as I’ve just summarised things (and also changed bits).

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