Young Adult Novels: A Few Recommendations

Part of me doesn’t really get why YA is a thing. I think the categorisation can put some people off, because they look at the books and decide they’re for teenagers, and therefore not relevant or of interest to adults. I disagree.

I enjoy reading a good YA novel as much as I enjoy reading a novel written for an adult audience, and I’ve read a few recently so I thought I’d give a run-down and a couple of recommendations.  Read more

The British Book Awards: Debut Book Of The Year Nominees

One of the things I love about my life is how flexible it is. I spent most of last weekend on the phone to various doctors because my body’s being a pain again. They said they’ll need to do a load more tests (cue more hospital time) and told me to take it easy, to spend lots of time resting for the next few weeks and to go to bed early. So I emailed the lovely people at FMCM and said I had a bit of extra reading time on my hands… and they sent me the nominees for the British Book Awards!

These are all up for Debut Book Of The Year. I’m going to write mini reviews of each of them, and talk about which one I’d like to see win.  Read more

Book Review: For Once In My Life


I’ve been trekking around Europe for work recently, which has required lots of concentration and also made me lose my voice. By the time I got back on Saturday morning I needed something to help me chill out, not least because my doctor diagnosed a horrible case of laryngitis (“Your glands are like basketballs!”) and told me to stay at home, take it easy and not try to speak for a week.

All the books in my reading pile are computer forensics textbooks. Interesting, but not exactly ‘taking it easy’. So when I sifted through my mail and came up with For Once In My Life, I was happy. I got in the bath and looked at the blurb.

How can you fall in love if you’ve never met?

Tess and George are soul mates. They both live in London. They have the same friends. They even share a love of the 1940s – jazz and vintage fashion. They should be together. Eeryone can see it.

But somehow it doesn’t happen. They never meet. They’re stuck in the wrong jobs, with the wrong partners. And time is running out.

For Once In My Life is a romantic comedy about love, second chances, and never, ever giving up.

It’s a nice solid chick lit novel. Exactly what you need when you’re looking to relax for a couple of hours. It’s about how serendipity sometimes just keeps not working out, and how easy it is to settle and then suddenly realise it’s six years later and you’re not sure what you’re doing with your life.

Anyone who has ever had a dream they haven’t chased, or wondered whether what they have is really all there is to life, will enjoy this book. And possibly be tempted to jack it all in and go in search of whatever they never quite pursued.